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Black Bull

The Falkirk Wheel:

This remarkable piece of engineering is the world's only rotating boat lift, connecting the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal. It's an iconic symbol of Scotland's industrial past and its innovative future. Visitors can enjoy boat trips that ascend and descend this unique lift, offering a breathtaking perspective of the surrounding landscape. The Falkirk Wheel also features interactive exhibits, a visitor center, and beautiful walking paths along the canal.

The Kelpies:

Standing at 30 meters tall, these massive horse-head sculptures are the largest equine sculptures in the world. Created by artist Andy Scott, the Kelpies represent the transformational and mythical power of water, as well as a nod to the horse-powered heritage of Scotland. Visitors can explore the sculptures up close, take guided tours inside the structures, and enjoy the picturesque park setting where they are located.

Callendar House:

This stunning 14th-century mansion, set in the grounds of Callendar Park, offers a journey through time. It features a Georgian kitchen where live cooking demonstrations take place, beautifully preserved rooms showcasing different historical periods, and exhibits on the Roman occupation of Scotland. The house is surrounded by extensive parklands, ideal for leisurely walks and family picnics.

Antonine Wall:

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Antonine Wall was the northwestern frontier of the Roman Empire. Today, visitors can explore the remains of this ancient wall and learn about the Roman history of Falkirk. The wall passes through various scenic locations, offering a combination of historical intrigue and natural beauty.

Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway:

For railway enthusiasts, this attraction is a must-visit. It's a heritage railway line running through the scenic countryside. Visitors can enjoy a nostalgic journey on vintage steam or diesel trains, explore the railway museum, and participate in special themed events throughout the year.

Falkirk Town Centre:

The heart of Falkirk offers a delightful blend of history, shopping, and dining. Historic streets like High Street and Vicar Street are lined with unique shops, cafes, and bars. The town center also hosts various cultural events and markets, making it a lively spot to experience the local community spirit.

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